This is a library to read values from the Korg NanoKontrol2, via MIDI. I’d eventually like to add support for the NanoKey2, and maybe the NanoPad2.

I made it for use with Processing, but it should be usable with any JVM program. It relies on no external libraries.

UNLESS you’re running on OSX, in which case, you probably want to use mmj instead of Apple’s default MIDI subsystem. For processing sketches, it’s as simple as copying mmj.jar and libmmj.jnilib into libraries/korgnano/library in your Processing sketch folder. (Special thanks to themidibus project by @sparks for this fix - and in fact for teaching me just enough about MIDI to make this.)

It’s meant to be easy, and not a full-featured MIDI client.

Project Status: v1, but only Kontrol2.

The Kontrol2 is ready for use, but that’s all there is. I own a nanoKeys, so that’ll be the next one I work on. (But no ETA yet.)


You can read from the sliders, dials, and Solo, Mute, and Record buttons, and all the “Transport” buttons: next track, previous track, stop, record, etc.

The sliders and dials will always yield values between 0 and 127 inclusive.

The buttons operate in Momentary mode, by default - press a button, and the Kontrol2 will report that it’s “on,” until you release the button. You can switch it to Toggle mode - press a button, and release it, the Kontrol2 will report that it’s “on”; press and release it again, and the Kontrol2 will report that it’s “off.” The buttons will light up whenever they’re “on.” NB: this works for the buttons in each Control Group, and for the Transport buttons: Cycle, Rewind, Fast Forward, Stop, Play, and Record; it doesn’t work for Previous-Track, Next-Track, Set-Marker, Previous-Marker, or Next-Marker. Korg seems to not support Toggle mode for those buttons as well (see the commit message for b5ee2a59e9).

import korgnano.*;

Kontrol2 k2;
void setup() {
  k2 = new Kontrol2();

  // The buttons all default to Momentary mode - they're only "on" while you're
  // pressing them down. Let's set some to Toggle mode.
  k2.recordMode(3, ButtonMode.Toggle);
  k2.soloMode(8, ButtonMode.Toggle);

void draw() {
    map(k2.slider(1), 0, 127, 0, 255),
    map(k2.slider(2), 0, 127, 0, 255),
    map(k2.dial(3), 0, 127, 0, 255));
  // If the eighth solo button ("S") is pressed, toggle between stroke & fill.
  // Note: it's 1-based, not 0-based.
  if (k2.solo(8)) {
  else {
  // If the seventh mute button ("M") is pressed, draw a circle.
  if (k2.mute(7)) {
    ellipse(width/2, height/2, 50, 50);
  // If the third record button ("R") is pressed, toggle RGB & HSB.
  if (k2.record(3)) {
  else {


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